Person-Centered Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care on St. Simons Island

Reflections is an industry leading person-centered approach to Memory Care. Focusing on social, wellness and mental engagement, we meet loved ones where they are.

At Reflections at Marsh’s Edge, we understand how difficult Alzheimer’s and dementia can be for everyone involved—the person with the disease, their friends and their family. We can’t control life’s challenges, but our luxury memory care community can go a long way in easing some of the difficulties. Through relationships with expert caregivers and a focus on family engagement, our community works to maximize the well-being of members and promote a strong sense of dignity and purpose.

Memory care at Reflections offers specialized support from a team of Certified Dementia Practitioners—expert caregivers who have the background and training it takes to meet each individual’s unique needs. The nurturing care they provide helps members stay engaged both mentally and emotionally, and it has the potential to be truly life-changing. Everything we do is based on a deep understanding and thorough knowledge of Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and this makes all the difference.

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National Team Member of the Alzheimer’s Association

Marsh’s Edge is a proud member of the Alzheimer’s Association National Team. Each year we hold multiple events including the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s, to raise money & awareness to combat this terrible disease. We are not only focused on providing the best care for those afflicted by Alzheimer’s, but on ending this terrible disease. If you want to participate or donate to the Alzheimer’s Association, click this link to their official website for more information.

Specialized Dementia Training

It is important to have the necessary tools to provide for people with dementia. That is why our team members in Reflections are Certified Dementia Practitioners™. Dementia is one of the hardest diseases to effectively manage, and if you are not properly trained it’s near impossible to provide great care.

Certification Topics:
  • Activities
  • Environment
  • Staff and Family Support
  • Diversity and Cultural Competence
  • Depression and repetitive behaviors
  • Spiritual Care and End of Life Issues
  • Paranoia, Hallucinations, Wanderings & Hoarding
  • Aggressive Behaviors, Catastrophic Reactions, Intimacy & Sexuality
  • Personal Care: Pain, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Nutrition, Falls & Sleep Disturbance

All-Inclusive Monthly Pricing

We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about various “levels of care” or “points” charges, which are popular at many memory care communities. Under this type of pricing model, your rate could increase at any moment, without any notice, just because you receive more care. Reflections at Marsh’s Edge charges one all-inclusive monthly fee, which includes all of your care, no matter how much you need. That’s because we want billing to be the least of your worries.

At our memory care community, you pay one rate for all your care.

How Memory Care Works

Part of the difference between memory care and standard assisted living communities is how the facilities are designed. Our memory care community is built to be easily maneuverable so that patients who wander don’t get stressed or confused. Building interiors include plenty of sunlight, an array of colors, memorable waypoints and no dead ends or dark nooks. We also have fully secured doors so that members are kept safe.

Another valuable aspect of memory care at Reflections is the relationship members develop with their caregivers. Our specially trained and certified professionals provide care tailored to each individual, with the goal of promoting a sense of dignity and purpose. Caregivers regularly engage members in activities to stimulate the mind, which are based around memory, reasoning and information processing. This type of specialized care has been shown to keep members mentally sharp and slow the progression of symptoms. Caregivers also assist members in any general areas where they have difficulty, such as dressing, eating, bathing and medication management. Each member is different, and the care we provide care is based on each individual and their needs.

One of the main goals of Reflections is to create a fulfilling lifestyle for our members. We do this by offering a regular calendar of social events where members can enjoy fun activities and socialize with both caregivers and neighbors in a low-stress environment. We also offer an award-winning wellness class called WAVES, which guides members through low-impact aerobic exercises in a warm, salt-water pool. WAVES has been shown to have numerous benefits such as reduced stress, improved appetite and better sleep. The variety of social and wellness activities at our community provide a great outlet for members to stay active and engaged in their care.

WAVES Program


WAVES received the Best of the Best Award from Argentum, the nation’s largest senior living association, celebrating its outstanding achievements in Alzheimer’s programming. WAVES is an aquatic-based experience, led in our heated indoor therapy pool, giving our members a safe and fun way to exercise.

  • The combination of warm, therapeutic water and low-impact aerobic activity can reduce anxiety and stress while providing a healthy outlet for excess energy.
  • Members who participate in the program may enjoy improved strength & balance, appetites, better sleeping patterns and a stronger bond with their caregivers.
  • We do things differently here, and we don’t settle for ordinary outcomes.
  • We believe everyone can live a higher quality of life with wellness.

Customized, Person-Centered Dining

Depending on the stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia they are at, members can have a wide variety of dietary needs. Because of this, we offer a range of dining options. Some members have very little difficulty eating and can be given traditionally-prepared food, while others need more adaptive options such as bite-sized or pureed portions. Our community’s onsite dietician assesses the needs of each member and creates them a customized dining and nutrition plan. When it comes to this lifelong task that brings so many dementia patients difficulty, Reflections at Marsh’s Edge seeks to bring the joy back to eating.

Memory Care Services and Amenities

Members of Reflections at Marsh’s Edge have access to all of the following services and amenities:

  • Person-centered care in a luxury apartment home
  • A curated social and dining lifestyle that encourages families to visit often
  • An all-inclusive, transparent pricing model that’s easy to understand and allows our families to plan long-term
  • A continuum of care services under one roof so future moves can be avoided
  • Medication management
  • Wellness classes and programs
  • Personal transportation
  • 24-hour emergency call system
  • Professional hair care salon
Memory Care Floor Plans & Pricing

Living With Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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Understanding that your loved one may have a form of dementia can be a difficult and trying time. While there is no single test that can diagnose a person, it’s vital to identify and become aware of the symptoms attributed to dementia. There are various cases of dementia and on average, Alzheimer’s accounts for 60 to 80 percent of cases, while Vascular dementia (which occurs after a stroke) is the second most common form.

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